WILMINGTON, Pa. (WKBN) – Westminster College is featured in a new film. There was a special screening last night at the Shenango Valley Cinemas, and everyone agrees that the movie is a hit.

Westminster hosted a film crew in December to shoot scenes for Netflix’s The Pale Blue Eye. Some lights were taken down around campus, and even the railings were swapped out to be more authentic.

“Just the amount of time that goes into that stuff. It’s a lot for everyone,” said Jace Armentrout, a movie stand-in.

Shooting the movie involved some 12-hour days.

Westminster was chosen for the film because the Quad had the perfect look that producers were looking for. It’s set in the 1830s, and all the old stone buildings fit perfectly.

Armentrout applied to be an extra but was asked to be a stand-in. His scenes were shot around Pittsburgh and involved the movie’s climax. He couldn’t wait to see the rest.

“I knew the payoff and everything, but the beginning of the film I really enjoyed because I wanted to see how the characters got to where they were,” Armentrout said.

A location scout had been on campus a few years ago, and it was a perfect match for this movie.
The plot involves a cadet who is found dead at West Point Academy campus, and a detective played by Christian Bale, arrives to solve the case.

“I thought it was a great movie. A lot of fun to watch. I really enjoyed the plot twists in the movie,” said Westminster Vice President Ken Romig. “I had a lot of fun looking for local venues that were used in the move as well. So, it’s a lot of fun to identify places that I know,” Romig said.

Many students got involved being extras in the background. Others were involved behind the cameras.

“It’s going to be something any single person that’s ever even been on this campus is going to recognize this is from Westminster. And it’s nice that a small, little college like us has an opportunity to be in a big Netflix movie like that with big stars,” Armentrout said.

The Pale Blue Eye is still showing at Shenango Valley Cinemas. Showtimes tonight (Jan. 6) are at 6:30 and 9:30 p.m. Additional showings are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday.