West Branch student wins award for dyslexia app

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BELOIT, Ohio (WKBN) – Many people think they understand dyslexia, that it’s just a letter or two out of place. A West Branch student has found a way to help everyone better understand it.

Cassie Madison is one of four Ohio winners in the Congressional App Challenge. She got an award from Congressman Bill Johnson on Wednesday for her design.

“Dysulator” shows people what it’s like for those with dyslexia. It does so through a game in which you have to guess what jumbled sentences say.

“A lot of times there’s this misconception around it where just the letter ‘b’ and ‘d’ are backwards, but it’s so much more. The words are moving off the page and sometimes it’s hard for people to understand that,” Madison said.

The app shows exactly what Madison deals with, and the feature she likes most is that they get a feel for why she gets stressed out at times. It bridges the gap to make others aware.

Madison has applied the app to other aspects of her education.

“She made a program that did the rest of her math problems for her. So you have to understand the math concept in order to create an algorithm that does that,” said McKenzie Wallace, a teacher at West Branch.

Madison’s also done a paper on cloud computing for English and has created another app for her vocational education agriculture class.

But, it’s the Dysulator that has made it easier for others to understand dyslexia, and it was completely Madison’s idea.

“Honestly, when I created the app I was really excited about it, but it was more of the fact that I didn’t want to disappoint Miss Wallace in what I was doing. But the award is just something that’s extra on top,” Madison said.

Madison goes to Washington, D.C. in two weeks and will see all the other app winners from around the USA.

She’s going to Kent State Salem in the fall.

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