EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio (WKBN) – An East Liverpool couple along with the help of their church is hoping to build a home that houses pregnant women that choose to keep their babies.

Gina and Bruce Tatgenhorst recently purchased a home on 9th Street in Wellsville. It sits right across from the Wellsville First Christian Church.

“I was coming out of church and I saw a little sign on the front porch and it said for sale. I stopped, looked back and asked my husband, ‘Could you buy me that house?’ And he said, ‘For what?'” Gina Tatgenhorst said.

The house is older and damaged. The stairs leading to the top floor are slanted, the wallpaper is peeling, and it could use a deep cleaning. However, Gina said she felt in her heart she had to have the house.

“I want to rehab it for girls that choose life and want to have their baby in a safe environment to give their baby a home or to equip them to keep their babies.”

Esther House is what she calls it. A woman of great faith, Gina says it related back to a book in the bible.

“The story just resonated with me how she could lead her people and do a profound act to take care of her people and that is kind of what I’m planning on doing.”

The Tatgenhorsts had hopes of getting the project underway so they could start helping women as soon as possible. However, the home needs more work than they thought.

“After speaking to three contractors, we, unfortunately, have to tear this down,” Gina Tatgenhorst said.

The couple is asking anyone in the community to lend a hand.

“I just hope that with everybody getting behind us that we can really help women in need. I think women need that, and they need to know they are worth it and I would love to teach them their worth,” Gina Tatgenhorst said.

A link can be found on the Esther House Facebook page to donate.