YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The Youngstown community is mourning the loss of one of its own who passed away Tuesday morning. Victoria “Vicky” Allen worked tirelessly to make Youngstown’s south side a better place to live. Tonight, she’s being remembered as a community activist.

“It’s called collaboration. Collaboration is the name of the game,” Allen once said.

“Victoria’s loss is going to be felt probably for generations to come,” said Rev. Lewis Macklin, pastor of the Holy Trinity Missionary Baptist Church in Youngstown.

“It’s gonna leave a void,” said Stacey Adger, a family friend.

Often referred to as “Miss Youngstown,” Allen is described as always having the heart of Youngstown at the center of everything she did.

“Vicky was the type to commission 500 people and they would come together and bag up 5,000 pieces of candy within two hours and then put on the event for tomorrow,” said Tanisha Wheeler, a family friend.

Youngstown police awarded her in May for her willingness to help serve the community and bring them closer to local law enforcement through the ICU Blockwatch, of which she was the founder and president. The group has worked on community events such as giving away flowers and small gifts for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, along with Easter basket and Christmas present giveaways and annual Neighborhood Harvest events.

“It’s kind of hard to find something in Youngstown that does not have the imprint, the DNA and the passion of Victoria,” Rev. Macklin said.

Rev. Macklin says the best way to honor Allen is to do what the community saw her do. She gave a template, an example — now, it’s the community’s turn to follow it.

“That type of selfless commitment that somebody can give to a community, she wasn’t a part of any board or city council or anything like that, it came from her heart,” Adger said.

Allen is being remembered by community members for her giving nature and the energy she put into everything she did.

“We all believed and hoped we’d have her for a lifetime, and lifetime just came too soon,” Rev. Macklin said.

There are no details on Allen’s death as of now.