Weathersfield couple sees possible Niles annexation as positive change

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Jim and Susan Olive say a portion of the township becoming part of the City of Niles would give them better utility services

WEATHERSFIELD TWP., Ohio (WKBN) – As we’ve been reporting, Niles wants to annex parts of Howland and Weathersfield townships, making them an extension of the city. Some are against the proposed change but a Weathersfield couple thinks it would be positive for them.

“I can’t see a negative,” said Susan Olive, who lives on Anderson Morris Road.

She and her husband, Jim, are very interested in becoming part of Niles.

“The annexation would benefit us because where we are in Weathersfield, we’ve been underrepresented when it comes to utilities,” Susan said.

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Where the Olives live is separated from the heart of the township and is near the Liberty border. Their home is physically located in Weathersfield but they pay Niles City School District taxes and have Niles water. The Olives said their home is the last one on the waterline.

“We were lucky we have the water,” Susan said. “Still no sewers, that’s not a good situation.”

“Because of the geography of it, we’re on the far east side of it, split by 422,” Jim said. “That’s tough on Weathersfield to provide services on this outlining area.”

All reasons why the Olives don’t believe annexation would be a bad thing.

“Weathersfield has a hold and I understand that, but it’s not in the best interest of the people in this area,” Susan said.

“We are very interested in the issue of annexation, should it be Niles,” Jim said. “We see a lot of benefit to that.”

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