WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – Commissioner Niki Frenchko and Transit Administrator Michael Salamone have filed police reports against each other stemming from a water tossing incident last week.

In a surveillance video from the Trumbull County Educational Service Center, you can see Commissioner Frenchko toss water onto Salamone.

Frenchko tells First News “it was an instinctive reaction– one that most women would understand.”

It happened on March 3 as Salamone, Liberty Township Trustee Arnie Clebone, and Dean Harris were leaving last week’s transit meeting.

According to a police report, Salamone told officers he told Frenchko “Life’s a (expletive) then you die” after he claims she told him he wouldn’t be here next year and to go back to Michigan.

A report filed by Frenchko claims Salamone made a threat to her after the meeting. Salamone declined to comment any further on the matter.

Frenchko released the following statement Thursday on the incident:

“It’s 2022, and this is Women’s History Month. I’m called bitch and told to die by an employee. Sadly, misconduct such as this is acceptable in this political climate, if it’s directed towards the only woman executive. It’s unfortunate that some backwards men think they can speak to women any kind of way and we’re supposed to take it. A man shouting ‘bitch and die’ in any woman’s face needs to cool off,” read the statement.