Water main breaks in East Liverpool caused by 100-year-old pipes; replacement work underway

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Old pipes in East Liverpool are making life harder for the people who live there

EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio (WKBN) – In East Liverpool, people have been dealing with a series of water main breaks. Now, they are frustrated and just want the problem fixed.

Old pipes in East Liverpool are making life harder for the people who live there.

“Yesterday, we were pre-digging and the valve blew,” said David Dawson, safety service director for East Liverpool.

Residents have lost water completely three times.

The city is working to replace the 100-year-old pipes.

“The system is a very old age system. It’s going to be years in the process of replacing various parts and pieces of the system as the funding comes available,” Dawson said.

But neighbors say the city isn’t doing enough.

“We need some relief water to the children and elderly,” said resident Brenda Smith.

They say when the water shuts off, their lives shut down.

“You can’t even get a few drops. A couple people have been caught in the shower,” said resident Susan Jennings.

The two women we spoke to say they have been getting bottles of water for the scheduled water shutoff this Friday, but they are concerned about their elderly neighbors.

“There’s a lot of elderly people that live in this building that can’t lift and carry water bottles. Some people are very low income and they can’t afford to go and buy water,” Jennings said.

For now, the city says they are planning to shut off the water to avoid a major pipe burst and a complete shutdown of the city.

“We appreciate all the businesses and residents. We understand it’s an inconvenience but we’ve got to do our due diligence to fix these so it’s not some major catastrophe that no one wants,” Dawson said.

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