Watch WKBN 27 with an antenna? You’ll need to rescan on Friday

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Here's how to tune your antenna to make sure your TV can pick up our new frequencies

(WKBN) – This Friday, there are big changes to the over-the-air signals of every TV station serving the Youngstown viewing area. If you use an antenna to watch WKBN 27, WYFX/FOX Youngstown or 33 WYTV, you will have to rescan your TV.

On Friday at 2 p.m., we have to change the frequencies WKBN 27 and WYFX Fox Youngstown transmit from our towers along Midlothian Boulevard. It’s something we’ve done twice before.

If you watch us through cable, satellite or a streaming service, you won’t need to do a thing.

But if you watch us through an antenna, the exact steps you will need to take will be different depending on the type of television you have.

For example, on an LG brand TV, you press the menu or gear/settings button on the remote. Then select “all settings,” “channels,” “channel tuning” and “auto tuning.” Then select that you have the TV connected to an antenna.

At that point, the scan will begin. Once the TV starts scanning, it can take several minutes to go through all the available channels.


Crews have been hard at work on our broadcasting equipment for several weeks, getting ready. That work is still going on.

Until it is all finished in several days, some antenna viewers outside of Boardman and Youngstown will lose our stations.

But once that work is finished, we will broadcast the strongest digital signal ever for our stations.

The federal government mandated these over-the-air signal changes.

These changes do mean Channel 19 that carries WYFX FOX Youngstown, myYTV in HD, ION network, Bounce network, Laff network and GetTV will go off the air temporarily. Once the transmission equipment is upgraded, those stations will return to a brand new Channel 32.

We will let you know when the upgrades are finished. Just download our WKBN News app for your phone and enable alerts.

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