YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Attention dog owners! Insects resembling ladybugs could pose a threat to your pet. They’re called Asian lady beetles.

The ladybug is typically bright red with seven black spots. According to veterinarian Dr. Donald Allen, an Asian lady beetle is usually a bit more orange or yellow in appearance.

Experts say the beetles are known to burrow into warm, moist places. One of their favorite spots to hide might be your pet’s mouth.

Should you find them nestled there, don’t freak out. They are typically quite easy to remove yourself.

“I think you could take anything like a Q-tip and brush it off or even a toothbrush to maybe brush them off. You want to get them out,” Allen said.

Allen says when they burrow inside the roof of your pet’s mouth, they can create an unpleasant experience for them. He says the beetle can produce a toxin, which could be deadly if enough are consumed, but that is rare.