WATCH: Closing arguments presented in Claudia Hoerig’s murder trial

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Prosecutors and defense attorneys presented their closing arguments in the murder trial of Claudia Hoerig Wednesday. 

Hoerig is on trial for the murder of her husband, U.S. Air Force Major Karl Hoerig in 2007.

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During closing arguments, prosecutors said Claudia shot her husband, not once, twice or three times, but five times. They say the shooting was not in self-defense or due to insanity, that it was purposeful.

They also stated that her fleeing to her native Brazil was evidence of guilt. 

During closings statements, her defense lawyers stated that Claudia was suicidal and her awful marriage attributed to her mental state. The defense also claimed that the handgun she bought was to kill herself, not her husband.

The defense stated she shot Karl because after telling him she was pregnant, he told her he did not want to keep the baby. She then told him she wanted to take her own life, the defense says Karl told her to kill herself but to do it in the basement so he didn’t have to clean the blood, and that’s when she lost it.

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The jury will begin deliberating Thursday morning.

You can watch the full video of closing arguments in the video above.

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