NILES, Ohio (WKBN) – Police released body camera video that captured the moments when officers were rammed into while in pursuit of a stolen Ford F550 a week ago.

The video shows a police cruiser as the truck reverses into it. 

Investigators say two cruisers were slammed into, and one was hit multiple times throughout the duration of the chase.

The video captured the final time that the driver of the stolen truck rammed into a cruiser, causing the airbags to inflate and officers to fire their weapons.

A Firearms Review Board unanimously found that the officers did not deviate from department policy in their actions.

Capt. John Marshall said the video helped in their review of the ordeal.

“It provided a lot of information, specifically that there was an active attempt by the driver of the stolen truck to severely injure or kill the officers that were pursuing him,” said Capt. John Marshall.