WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – On top of the damage inside, Warren Family Mission Director of Public Relations Dominic Mararri says the entire flat roof needs to be replaced. It’s a costly expense for an organization with a mission to help those in need.

Inside the building, there are clear signs of water damage from a leaky roof. There are sections of discolored ceiling. Other areas have holes or cracks.

Marrari said the entire flat portion of the roof needs to be replaced.

“It’s always something here at the Warren Family Mission,” he said. “There’s not patching it. That would be like putting a bandaid on a shotgun wound. They have to rip up the rubber, put down new membrane, and we’ve had roofers out there estimating the cost. It’s going to be around $80,000.”

The problem with the Warren Family Mission’s roof at the building on Tod Avenue was discovered during last week’s heavy rain. Now the organization is trying to come up with a way to finance the repairs.

“We would love to have the help. It’s hard enough to be able to provide services an then on top of it, have a major, unexpected expense like a roof, especially over a building that serves our community,” Marrari said.

It’s a costly but necessary fix to a building where thousands of people are fed and clothed throughout the year.