WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) — The Community Development Department announced updates for the Golden Triangle area at the Traffic and Safety Committee meeting on Wednesday.

The committee meeting focused on preliminary improvements to the Golden Triangle, which spans part of Warren and Howland Township. It would improve roads for the area that houses 19 businesses, which employ nearly 1,200 people.

“This is where the industrial jobs [are], the ones Ohio is aching for,” said second ward Councilman Andrew Herman. “We’ve retained quite a few of these industrial jobs, and we’re doing our due diligence right now to keep those jobs here.”

One project would involve Paige Avenue to align it with Dana Street — and to potentially reopen Dana, which has been closed for seven years, much to the frustration of those who live nearby.

“The community surrounding … is just sick of the mess and the closure,” Herman said.

The plan would also realign and resurface Bronze Road at Larchmont Avenue to help connect trucks with state Route 82. The plan would also connect the existing bike path to downtown, as well as add landscaping in parts of the Golden Triangle.

“We’re in competition with a lot of other cities that will bend over backwards to make accommodations for major employers, and that is uncomfortable,” first ward Councilman Todd Johnson said.

The improvements will cost around $3.3 million. Most of the money is coming from the Federal Economic Development Administration, with just over $600,000 coming from local funding.

Director of Community Development Mike Keys says he has to work with the mayor’s office and Howland Township on these plans. He says nothing is set in stone, but they could have the designs as early as July.