Warren woman seeking answers as to why mysterious sinkholes keep appearing in yard

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Last year, Heather Tutoki started noticing holes in her yard that are about 2 feet deep

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – A woman in Warren is looking for answers after two sinkholes appeared in her yard.

“I mean, what’s causing them to keep sinking and what’s it going to take for them to finally be filled and fixed?” Heather Tutoki asked.

Tutoki has been living in her house for over a year. Last year, she started noticing holes that are about 2 feet deep. But this year, it’s different.

“They keep getting worse and I don’t want them to get worse to the point where the whole ground sinks in,” she said.

Tutoki said she has called the city several times and they were able to level the ground out by filling the holes with dirt and gravel.

She believes that is only a temporary fix though because it has gotten a lot worse.

“I shouldn’t have to do a limbo mowing my grass and trying to dodge the rocks and everything else because it’s hard to maintain it, but I have to maintain it,” Tutoki said.

Edward Haller, director of the Warren Water Pollution Control Department, said they have pipes located in that area from phase two of their stormwater project that was completed in 2015.

“It was for draining additional stormwater from that area and increasing the ability to remove water. Our focus is usually removing water from the streets,” he said.

Haller said the growth of a sinkhole can come from a variety of things.

“Any time that you have water around a pipe that causes for a void to happen, a sinkhole as you referenced, it is from water either getting past it or out through it. So we’re looking to see what is the problem,” Haller said.

The city is keeping a close eye on the sinkholes, offering just a temporary solution.

“By putting slag around it, it will allow water to still permeate but to stop the soil erosion associated with the water going in and out,” Haller said.

Haller said his team will continue investigating the cause.

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