Warren police investigate after family says teen stabbed, killed family cat

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When asked why he had stabbed the cat, the teen claimed he did not know

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – Warren police were called to Raymond Street NW in Warren on Friday in response to a teen possibly killing the family cat.

When they arrived, officers met with the parents.

The mother told police that around 2:30 p.m., her oldest son told her that he had found the family cat wounded in the basement. He said that his brother had stabbed the cat, according to a police report.

The mother said she attempted to transport the cat to the vet, but the cat died before they got there.

According to the father, he had buried the cat prior to the officers’ arrival.

The son who allegedly committed the act spoke with officers and said that he stabbed the cat in the stomach and in the neck with a knife.

Police then asked the rest of the family to leave while they detained the teen in handcuffs and sat him on the couch.

When asked why he had stabbed the cat, he claimed he did not know.

Officers also asked where the knife was and he told his father its location. He stated that he didn’t want to tell his father what he used because he didn’t want his knife taken away.

The mother said that they had the cat for about three years. The cat was the family pet and had been cared for by the older sister who also lives there.

The mother also told police that her son had not done anything like this before. She had first called the Akron Children’s Hospital, who advised that she should contact the police and have her son mentally evaluated.

Police found cat scratches on the teen’s arm.

In the basement, police also found blood splattered along with larger pools of it that had been partially cleaned.

Officers then contacted Prosecutor Traci Sabau. She advised to let the parents take the teen to seek medical treatment and follow up with the juvenile prosecutor.

Police were advised to charge the teen with a felony of the fifth degree. The charge listed in the report is a misdemeanor. They were also advised to take the teen to the Juvenile Justice Center.

The report said they spoke to the mother, who was at the time heading to the teen’s medical evaluation. She said it was her intention to have her son admitted, according to the report.

Police informed her, if the teen was not admitted, to bring him to the police department in order to arrest and transport him to the Juvenile Justice Center

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