Warren police arrest woman accused of stabbing after following trail of blood

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Police said while being detained, the suspect said she's been to prison three times for stabbing people and she stated "it ain't nothing"

Erika Carper, booked into the Trumbull County Jail for felonious assault.

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – Warren police officers arrested a woman early Friday after investigating reports that she had stabbed a man.

Police arrived on at the apartments on Tod Ave. after 2 a.m.

When they entered a service elevator, police noticed several blood droplets on the floor, a report said. There was more blood on the third floor and smeared on the walls, police say.

Police followed the blood trail to a room with an opened door. Police said there was more blood on the inside of the storm door. They found the apartment’s resident inside trying to mop up the blood on the floor.

The resident told police the victim had left. They also said that a friend known as “Happy” had come to the apartment bleeding.

“Happy” was later identified as Erika Carper, according to the police report.

Police were aware of a Thursday incident where the same resident had called dispatch because Carper was unwanted. The resident had told police then that Carper had brought bed bugs into the apartment and when confronted she acted “crazy,” the report said.

The resident also told police Carper was the victim’s girlfriend.

Police say Carper came from the hallway and started walking toward them, a report said. They noticed Carper had fresh blood on her right forearm and on her face.

When asked if she was hurt, Carper said no. Police asked her where the victim was and she said she did not know what they were talking about.

Due to Carper’s call history and the fresh blood on her, police detained her, the report said.

Police later found the victim in another apartment. He had a cut on his chest and on his hand, police say.

EMT paramedics arrived on scene and transported the victim to St. Joseph Hospital for treatment.

While standing by with Carper, she began yelling at the resident to not say anything, the report stated.

Police say Carper made statements like she would be out in 30 days and that her “baby” would not say anything. She also said she’s been to prison three times for stabbing people and she stated “it ain’t nothing,” according to a report.

Carper was taken to the station, but she refused to go into the station to speak with the detective, saying “I know my baby ain’t going to say s***, so I ain’t going to say s***.”

Carper was then transported to the Trumbull County Jail on a felonious assault charge.

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