WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – An argument turned deadly in a Warren neighborhood. Now, detectives are working to find a killer.

“I hate to say it. I was expecting something like this to eventually happen,” said Julie Farley, who lives across the street.

Eric Shannon’s death marks the eighth murder in Warren this year. Charges have been filed in half of those cases. Now, investigators are hoping witness cooperation will lead to the person responsible for the latest homicide.

A single piece of yellow crime scene tape on a fence is the only visible indicator of what happened Sunday evening. When police responded to the area to investigate gunshots, they found Shannon shot dead on the front porch of his apartment on McMyler Avenue NW.

“I don’t believe there’s anything he could have been doing on his front porch that would have caused him to be killed like that. He didn’t deserve it that way. He didn’t deserve it at all, period,” said Detective John Greaver.

“I’ve had a couple sleepless nights,” Farley said.

Farley was sitting on her porch reading when she heard the gunshots. She says it was around 8 p.m., so there wasn’t much light. She could only provide a basic description, but heard something.

“I heard them yell that, ‘I told you I was going to effing shoot you!'” Farley said.

“We’re being told there was an argument in the area. We’re still working all those details out with some of the residents that are cooperating with us,” Greaver said.

Investigators say they believe there was only one shooter and whoever it was ran from the scene.

Detectives are going through video surveillance from the area, taking statements from witnesses and will be sending some evidence off to the lab for testing.

As the investigation continues, Farley encourages people to speak up.

“If you want a better community, if you want a safer area for your children, for your grandchildren, stand up. Tell them you’re not going to take it anymore and tell the cops. Help them do their job because they weren’t there, they didn’t see it,” Farley said.