WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) — A Warren couple learned their sentence Tuesday after an immobile puppy was found outside their apartment building in bad shape.

Brandon Greathouse and Jessica Mason each pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor of cruelty to animal charge.

They were sentenced Tuesday to probation, according to court records. Along with that is the condition that they do not own any pets.

The two were charged in June following the discovery of the puppy, which was found in the grass in the 400 block of Vine Ave. The responding police officer noted that the puppy was panting heavily, and it was 87 degrees at the time.

Police say there was water in a three-gallon container; however, the puppy couldn’t stand up to get to it.

Jason Cooke with the Healthy Hearts and Paws Project took the dog to the emergency vet where they found she had a broken leg.

The dog was placed in a foster home after it was seized from the couple.