WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) — Tenants of a Warren apartment building are fed up, as they say they haven’t had hot water in more than a week.

People who live in the Waterstone Place Apartment building on Arbor Avenue in Warren are fed up. For more than a week, these tenants say they’ve been forced to take cold showers or improvise. They say they want it resolved, and soon.

“We have to wash in cold water, or you boil it. It’s been a little rough to take your baths and wash your clothes and stuff,” said Carol Sersich, a tenant.

“We’ve got a lot of people that are on walkers. They’re lucky to walk, they can’t heat water up and take it to the bathroom,” said tenant Natalie Smith. “We’ve got people that have catheters they’ve got to be washed things like that.”

“People feel like it’s their right, as citizens of our country, that we have access to hot water and what we need to do to be clean and healthy Americans,” said Rhonda Braun, a tenant.

“This is absolutely ridiculous — it’s a health risk,” said fifth ward Councilwoman Ashley McBride. “These are people, these are residents, these are grandparents.”

The tenants say they feel sort of “left in the dark” because they don’t know when they’ll have hot water again.

“They just leave, like, notices and stuff like on our door, the elevator or something, that they’re looking into it, they’re looking into trying to get approval for the new boiler system,” said tenant Terri Brunstetter.

“Winter is coming, and that’s how we get our heat for us, and if we don’t have a boiler soon, we’re not going to have any heat for the winter,” said Mary Johnson, a tenant.

First News reached out to the building’s management company for comment but has yet to hear back.