WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – Back in June, we told you that people who live on the southwest side of Warren are concerned about what they call a “dangerous’ intersection.”

The light there was disabled nearly three years ago, and residents tell First News there have been way too many accidents as a result of it.

Vicy Walker and his wife have been living at the intersection of Tod Avenue and Palmyra Road for the last 27 years. He says there have been way too many accidents to count. The most recent was early Sunday morning.

According to a police report, a car rounding the corner on Tod Ave ran off the road, striking a pole and then the ramp in front of Walker’s house.

“Went to get my slippers on and by the time I got out there, the guy had got out and ran,” Walker said.

Walker said he’s fed up with the speeding.

“The speed limit is 35. They go through here 75 and 80. That’s no exaggeration. The police try and do as much as they can, but they can’t be here all of the time, Walker said.

Other residents say they are just at their wits end, and there is no reason they should feel unsafe or like prisoners in their own homes.

“My wife, as you can see, is in a wheelchair. She had a mild stroke. This is the only way she can get out,” Walker said.

Walker said it’s going to cost him $7,000 to replace the ramp.

Walker’s daughter Vicky Walker lives next door and hasn’t had a guardrail in front of her house for quite some time after it was destroyed in a separate accident.

“We would like the guardrails put back up to try to protect our homes, and we would like the light put back up,” Vicky Walker said.

Both women running to represent Warren’s sixth ward, Lea Dotson and Honeya Price have been trying to get answers. Dotson collected more than 600 signatures from concerned residents back in June.

“At that time, they stated that they were going to get a new signal. They were gonna try and so some stuff to at least control the speed, and nothing has been done yet,” Dotson said.

“If we have to fight for that light to come back — I don’t know if we can fight for the light to come back, but we have to take it all the way to the state level. That’s what’s been told to us,” Price said.

Warren Director of Safety and Service Eddie Colbert said the guardrails will be taken care of as part of the road program, which is set to begin September 1 and the lashing lights are a part of the appropriation for the next council meeting.

Colbert said he has also spoken with Warren Police Chief Eric Merkel about posting more traffic stops in an attempt to slow drivers down heading north on Tod Avenue.