WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – While making a stop in the Valley Friday to promote literacy, First News asked Governor Mike Dewine about the special election results in Ohio.

On Tuesday, the majority of Ohioans voted No on Issue 1.

Dewine says he’s sure some voters were influenced by their opinions surrounding abortion rights, but that many pro-life supporters also voted against Issue 1 in disagreement with raising the voter threshold to 60%.

“What we have to do in this state is reach a consensus somewhere on this issue where the majority of people can feel comfortable. That’s what this is really all about,” DeWine said.

The Governor has been mostly silent on Issue 1, but he did say before the election that he would vote for it, according to the Statehouse News Bureau. He largely voted in favor of the measure to protect the state from outside influencers that “spend a ton of money to impact” Ohio’s constitution, he said. DeWine has said that the better process is through the legislative process.

The governor said he will have more to say on this topic as we gear up for the fall election.

Patty Coller contributed to this report.