WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) — It’s been more than nine months since Brandon Hover was found murdered near the railroad tracks, and now detectives say his case has gone cold.

Mike Hover said his son Brandon Hover was loving and nurturing. He even rescued a days-old squirrel.

“Raised it with an eye dropper, had it for several years, and one day just walked out in the woods and the squirrel ran away,” Mike Hover recalled.

But he said Brandon also had a different side to him.

“Brandon kind of lead a double life,” Mike Hover said. “He was a little mischievous, and he had a drug problem a lot of people knew that he never hid from it.”

On Oct. 25, 2022, Brandon’s body was found by someone walking along the tracks near North Street NW. He’d been shot multiple times. Detectives believe Brandon was killed the night before, since gunshots had been reported in the area around 7:40 p.m. Oct. 24.

“If anybody seen anything that night — even vehicles leaving the scene, anybody running away, anything like that — that would be obviously something we’d be interested in hearing about,” said Det. John Greaver, with the Warren Police Department.

Investigators think Brandon was lead to the area and there were witnesses to the shooting.

“Brandon left my house with $7 and a cell phone,” Mike Hover said. “I believe when they found him he had a pack of cigarettes and a cell phone, which is what the $7 was for — so was it a drug deal? No.”

At this point, detectives don’t have anyone else to talk to and have run out of leads.

“It’s frustrating because we know, we know somebody knows, we knows somebody knows something,” Greaver said.

“In the end, the damage is done, it can’t be fixed — but we’d like to see them get off the street because we don’t want it to happen to anybody else,” Mike Hover said.

Anyone with even the smallest amount of information about the case is asked to give Crimestoppers a call by reaching out to (330) 841-2658.