WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – Police are paid to protect and serve, and a Trumbull County deputy showed a big heart Tuesday night. He saw someone in need, asked questions, and then got involved.

A dog named Skippy was skipping around Trumbull County Tuesday night. Allie Bova saw him and thought he was cute. She just couldn’t catch him. Then, Deputy O’Hara stopped to help.

“I was so thankful because I needed all the help I could get,” Bova said.

Skippy was free near the engineer’s office. O’Hara opened a locked gate, but the dog was smooth and got away. Skippy was scared, running and tough to catch. At one point, six people were involved.

The hunt lasted close to two hours before Bova and O’Hara cornered the dog and caught it. They wrapped it in a blanket left by one of the other searchers and called the owner at work.

“We waited about 15 minutes, and she did come and immediately reunited with him. He was wagging his tail, so we knew it was Skippy,” Bova said.

Everyone learned the importance afterward. The dog is a comfort animal for a girl who is blind. Skippy is her best friend.

“Here at Sheriff’s Office, unfortunately, we deal with the worst of the worst, and this had a happy ending and this is the best of the best,” Monroe said. “This deputy is a public servant, and, you know, my expectations of our deputies are very high.”

The dog had traveled over five miles from his house, before being caught.

“And it just brought all this warmth over my heart, and I was extremely happy that we were able to get Skippy back to his best friend,” Bova said.