WARREN TWP., Ohio (WKBN) – A road project in Warren Township has been halted after county road workers reported harassment from a resident living in the area.

The man has reportedly caused so much of an issue that it prompted Attorney Jeffrey Goodman, a consultant for the Trumbull County Engineer, to write a letter to the Warren Township police chief, asking for some sort of action.

WKBN obtained a copy of that letter, dated Wednesday, which states that the resident has “engaged in extremely aggressive conduct” directed at county road workers, who were conducting a paving and roadwork project on Anderson Anthony Road.

Due to concerns for employees’ safety, Goodman wrote that the work had to be halted. He alleged that the man spit on one of the workers, who required medical testing as a result. He also wrote that the resident has a “significant history of violent anger management-related conduct.”

Goodman asked the police chief for charges to be filed against the resident.

“We hope to be able to resume work on the road project soon but must give first priority to our employees’ safety,” he wrote.

Two police reports were filed in relation to the alleged incidents on Aug. 3.

According to one of the reports, a worker reported that he was involved in a confrontation with the resident over parking their trailer on his property. The worker reported that the resident told him, “I should kill you for parking in my yard.”

The resident also filed his own report, alleging that one of the workers slapped his hand while he was attempting to photograph them sitting around while their truck was stuck in a ditch.

Highway Supervisor Dave Peterson reported witnessing a confrontation between the resident and one of the county employees, writing in a statement that the resident was waving his arms and yelling at the worker while shoving his phone in the worker’s face. Peterson wrote that the worker put his hand up to protect his face at which time the resident accused the worker of hitting him.

Peterson said this prompted a call to 911 and the resident to threaten to beat all of the workers up.

Peterson wrote that the man continued to take pictures of the workers at that time.

WKBN called Warren Township’s police chief on Thursday afternoon for more information but was unable to reach him.

The incident also prompted the International Union of Operating Engineers to send a letter Thursday to Trumbull County Engineer Randy Smith, asking the Engineer’s Office to address the safety issues to “avoid any further action by the Union.”

“This type of environment [is] unsafe and unproductive for all employees and cannot continue,” the letter read.

Nadine Grimley contributed to this report.