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Warren man shares story of losing his son in shooting, says he was a good man

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Wednesday, community members gathered in Packard Park to honor lives lost. Willie Edwards and his wife came in remembrance of their son, who was fatally shot years ago.

“It just, it tore my family up,” Edwards said.

Edwards said his son Bradrick was killed in 1998, but even though it’s been over 20 years, he and his family still feel the effects of losing him.

“Young man. Just in his 28th year. He had left here out of Warren and went to Alabama, and he called me and he said he wanted to come back,” he said.

Edwards says he sent Bradrick some money to come home, and on his second day back in Warren, he was killed.

“I feel really bad, because I sent the ticket for my son to come back here, and then they murdered him,” he said.

Edwards still remembers how caring his son was. He says he has never met anyone like him.

“He respected all the older, elderly people. If he seen a older person trying to cross the road, or intersection, he would try to help them by. I haven’t seen anything bad about him,” he said.

Edwards said he felt Wednesday’s event was important to attend to give support to others going through the same situations.

“We all supposed to love each other. If you see somebody going astray, you supposed to try to bring them back into the fold. That’s what Christ did,” he said.

During Wednesday’s event a prayer was said and balloons were released into the air to remember those whose lives were taken too soon.

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