Warren Family Mission prepares to take in more people during next week’s bitter temperatures

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The Warren Family Mission is just one place that is already preparing for next week’s negative temperatures.

We could see temperatures in the negatives so it’s going to be dangerous for anyone to be outside.

The Warren Family Mission is already setting up cots and preparing for the negative temperatures on the way.

In December, they housed an average of 48 people at their facilities. However, they do expect to see an increase next week and they are encouraging that.

“Especially with these cold temperature’s coming up. We advise anyone to come here stay with us. You can get a hot meal, a warm bed to stay in. It’s sad to see anyone die due to the weather,” said Erich Henkel, a volunteer coordinator at the Warren Mission.

The Mission is taking in extra donations of blankets, pillows and cots so they can better accommodate for people in this bitter cold weather.

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