Warren Family Mission continues to help families during coronavirus pandemic

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The Warren Family Mission says the need has doubled in the last month

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – Charities across the Valley continue to help people during this pandemic, but they could also use your help.

The Warren Family Mission says the need has doubled in the last month.

Serving the community and doing God’s will on earth, that’s what the employees at the Warren Family Mission say they strive to accomplish.

With more people in need during this time, they’ve continued their mission.

“Our meals per day have went up dramatically. Our food bags have went up. We’re just trying to continue to help the community while also being safe with face masks and keeping social distancing of six feet so we can continue to serve and not put anyone in harm’s way,” said Keno Hills, assistant public relations at the Warren Family Mission.

But as the pandemic continues, Hills says he notices a new face each day. So, the numbers of meals served per day are in the hundreds as more people find themselves needing assistance.

“We have an average of 465 to close to 500 meals per day, roughly 2,800 to 3,000 meals per month,” Hills said.

But the pantry doesn’t just serve meals. They also give out other products families might need.

“I’ve had a lady come in who brought her child in. She didn’t have any Pampers and it just so happened someone gave us a donation in Pampers and we were able to help. We had a family come in and a lady ran out in body wash, didn’t have anything to give her children a bath with, and we helped her out through donations. We try to help out in every area that we can,” said Hills.

Helping someone should come from the heart, which is what the Mission tries to do on a daily basis.

So Hills encourages the community to donate what they can.

“Donations are vital. The Mission is ran on donations completely,” Hills said. “Everything we do is on a donation basis and everything is free. We don’t put a monetary value on helping someone.”

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