WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) — Family and friends gathered Saturday evening to remember 18-year-old Joquan Hall.

People spilled into the street on Olian Avenue NW, where he was shot and killed Tuesday night.

As the sun set, the street filled with red balloons and the community’s love for him.

His aunt Danielle Barrickman tells First News he was dedicated to his family.

“Every time he leaves us there’s always a hug and a ‘I love you.’ He was a tiny little thing. And he was a clown, likes to laugh and joke around a lot but he loved his family,” Barrickman said.

Friends and family held signs with his nickname and the signatures of those he left behind.

Barrickman said Hall’s grandmother called right after midnight Wednesday.

“I left and rushed to the hospital.”

Warren Police believe the shooting was targeted and noted there have been other incidents in the area within the past week.

Barrickman told First News the family is frustrated with Warren Police Captain Robert Massucci’s comment during a press conference Wednesday.

Hall’s mother held a sign expressing her frustration.

This was his response when asked about a potential motive.

“I believe it’s targeted, totally,” Massucci said during the press conference. “These are not random acts of violence, no. As far as the public’s concerned, I believe this is not a true victim walking down the street and something happens.”

“Why isn’t he a true victim and why isn’t he an innocent person?” Barrickman asked.

Hall’s family says they can’t think of anyone who could have been out to hurt him. Barrickman urged people to think before they act.

“The gun violence is taking too much of our community and it’s horrible. I don’t know how to stop it, but it needs to stop.”

So far, no one has been arrested in Hall’s death.