Warren dance studio concerned about special props inside missing trailer

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A number of other dance studios have offered to donate their props for the national competition.

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – The Innovation Dance Centre in Warren is still in need of help finding a missing props trailer, one members would really appreciate having back.

The dance studio is located on N. River Road, where a trailer filled with props and other equipment was stolen from the property.

“It’s… one of those things where it’s always there so you don’t always pay attention,” said Dana Sulonen, the studio’s manager.

Sulonen says she left the studio around 3 p.m. on Monday, and when the owner of the building got to the complex around 7 p.m. that very same night, he noticed it was gone.

“[He] called me and was like, ‘Hey, was the trailer there when you left?’ and I’m like, ‘I’m pretty sure, I would have noticed that it was gone,’ and I had actually talked to another parent who was there with me and she goes, ‘No, I saw it there,'” Sulonen said.

She says it’s not the trailer itself that she’s worried about, but what’s inside.

“There is a replica of a London Bridge and a candy shop and risers that we make kind of a platform stage out of and acrobatic mats,” she said.

All of the props are for their annual dance competition called, “On Point.” It’s held in Virginia Beach and is just a few weeks away.

“That’s kind of our World Series, it’s our national championship. The kids work all year for this,” Sulonen said.

In the end, she says it’s all about the kids.

“Their spirits have been kept high and they’ve been doing a really good job of just keep going and they’re like, ‘We’ll get through this, we’ll figure it out, we’ll do all of this,’ and that’s just a testament to the kids and what kind of kids that we have here,” Sulonen said.

Right now, they do not have any leads as to where the trailer may be. If you have any information, call the Warren City Police Department at 330-394-2521.

Sulonen says a number of other dance studios have offered to donate their props for the competition and parents have offered to help rebuild the set.

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