Warren couple still waiting for first stimulus check as most others hope for second round

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She got her payment but he never did, and they say they could really use it

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – Most of us have spent our stimulus payments already and have our fingers crossed that another check is coming. One couple in Warren said they wish they had that luxury — they’re still waiting to get the first payment.

Randy and Lilian Laughlin have been fighting the IRS. She got a stimulus check for $1,200. He did not.

Randy has seen headlines about dead people getting payments.

“Skip over one who actually needs it. Ones in the cemetery don’t need it,” he said.

They both have health problems. Randy ended up on disability seven years ago. They don’t file taxes because they don’t make enough money.

“We live off of $1,100 a month, which ain’t nothing to live off anymore in this world,” Lilian said.

Randy and Lilian also get food stamps.

Lilian’s stimulus money has gone toward fixing her car and she still needs a short fixed in the wiring harness.

“I don’t have no gas gauge and everything is bad,” she said. “I don’t have no speedometer, no nothing.”

The car is a vital need, getting Randy to doctor’s appointments.

A second stimulus check would help the Laughlins.

“We was thinking we have extra if we ever need anything off of his and his ain’t coming,” Lilian said.

She’s called the IRS numerous times and been transferred to three numbers. They told her Randy is not in the system.

But one call really made her mad.

“The third time was when he goes, ‘Be thankful for what you got. You got one.'”

The Laughlins believe they deserve two stimulus payments.

“I’m mad at the IRS, totally, because this is IRS’ mistake. They need to fix their mistake and be man enough to man up to it,” said.

Randy believes there’s a 50% chance he’ll get the check. Lilian is fighting mad. She’s asked for help and believes the IRS is playing a game to keep them from getting the money.

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