Warrant issued for man accused of running around Austintown naked, breaking windows

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A court official said he didn't show up in court today, leading to the filing of a warrant

Austintown Police generic

AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – There is a warrant for an Austintown man’s arrest after he failed to appear in court on charges that he was running around Austintown naked, destroying property.

The crime happened around 6 a.m. Friday on S. Raccoon Rd., according to a police report.

A woman called police after hearing a loud banging noise and then looking out her window, seeing a man angrily pacing around the parking lot.

The woman told police that she then looked at her screen door and found blood on the door and sidewalk.

Police said the suspect, 26-year-old Antoine Cox, was naked, sweating profusely, covered in blood and was pacing back and forth.

An officer approached Cox, and Cox told the officer that he finds police annoying, according to the police report.

Police said at one point, Cox ran toward the police cruiser and threatened to kill the officer. The officer hit him with a Taser after he reported that Cox ran toward him.

The report stated that the Taser didn’t seem to affect Cox, who only said “F**k, that hurt” while pulling out the taser probes.

Cox then ran to the parking lot of Tabernacle Evangelical Church, trying to enter the church.

The officer hit Cox with the Taser again, and Cox again pulled the Taser probes out and walked away, according to the report.

Officers then used a chemical spray, but Cox ran across the roadway, into traffic.

Officers were finally able to apprehend Cox in the 1900 block of S. Raccoon Road, where an officer tackled him.

Medics heavily sedated Cox and took him to the hospital due to his behavior, according to the report.

Police said further investigation revealed that Cox broke a window at a laundry room, entering the building. He then broke out another window, crawling onto a canopy above the entrance door and either jumped or fell to the ground, according to investigators.

Police reported finding Cox’s clothes, phone and vape smoker in a back yard, where they say he also pulled off a large sewer grate. Police also reported finding a can of vape liquid, which was taken as evidence for testing.

Cox is charged with inducing panic, resisting arrest, criminal damaging, disorderly conduct and intimidation.

He was supposed to be in court Wednesday, but according to court officials, he didn’t show up.

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