YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A Youngstown Bomb Squad technician is issuing a warning after two local homeowners found grenades while digging in their yards.

The first grenade was found last Sunday in the 400 block of Sixth Street in Struthers. The homeowner called police after her son found the grenade while gardening in the front yard.

A week later, a man at a house in the 900 block of Mathews Road also reported finding a grenade while digging a trench for water piping in his backyard. The man spoke to WKBN and said he was surprised by the find as his girlfriend has lived in the home for about three years.

Officer Bob Dimailo, a technician with the Youngstown Bomb Squad, said while it is unusual for two people two find buried grenades within a two-week period, this is one of the most common calls for the Bomb Squad.

“A lot of our calls are to houses for military ordnances that like the grandpa brought back or the dad brought back from the military, and they’re finding them as they’re cleaning out their house, or you know, moving everything around in the garage,” he said.

Dimailo recommends if you do find a grenade, call your local police department and the Bomb Squad will take care of it. It can be dangerous to handle them.

In Indiana, a man was killed earlier this month and his children were taken to the hospital after a grenade they found in their grandfather’s belongings exploded. Investigators believed that someone pulled a pin, causing it to detonate.

“It’s pretty much better to keep your hands off of them and let the police and the Bomb Squad handle them,” he said.