Warm start to January doesn’t mean winter is over

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(WKBN) – The soggy weekend has started, but it’s not just rain you have to worry about – the wind could be a problem.

January has already seen unseasonable weather. We’re talking a lot of gulf moisture for January here in Ohio, with one to two inches of rain likely across the state.

Here in the Valley, we’re lucking out a bit. The rainfall totals and flood potential will be lower than in the west, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be inconvenient. Ponding on the roads and blowing rain could be in store for Saturday.

After 1-plus inches of rain and wind gusts, don’t be surprised if you see limbs down and even small trees.

We all know areas of poor drainage in the Valley have a hard time when it comes to significant rainfall events, so keep those places in mind.

Last year’s weather this same week came with two tornadoes and then severe winter weather 24 hours later.

We still ended the year with over 30 inches of snow for the season. And last year, less than four inches of that snow was in December.

December 2019, while still seven inches below average, was still double that of 2018.

If you’ve got your hopes high and think we’ve skipped over winter and gone to spring because of the rain and potentially record-breaking warmth, just remember in Northeast Ohio snow is still very much a possibility even through April and May.

Turns out, 30 to 40 years ago wasn’t in fact any snowier than the last 10 years. In fact, six of the top 10 snowiest Januaries were in the 2000s.

Right now, 2011 is taking the top spot with 103.7 inches of snow – a far cry from the 10 inches we sit at now.

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