YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – There’s still a lot of snow on the ground. In many places, it is still covering sidewalks.

There was a deadly accident Thursday night in Youngstown, with a walker in the street who was hit and killed by a car.

Troy Payton was walking in the street Friday. He was taking a short trip to a dollar store and found all the sidewalks snow-covered.

“What’s the point of having the sidewalk if you can’t utilitze it, you know,” he said.

Payton did not know until I told him that less than a quarter-mile from where he was walking, a man walking in the street was hit and killed Thursday night.

“I do understand that it was a hit and run but we’re investigating it,” said Youngstown Police Chief Carl Davis.

Sidewalks are snow and ice covered all across the Mahoning and Shenango valleys. That’s forcing many people who have to walk out into the street.

“We discourage at any time people to walk in the streets. We would rather you use a sidewalk,” Davis said.

People waiting for a bus are standing on uneven ground as well. The conditions are not easy.

Business owners are chipping away at the conditions. Downtown at Geo’s Music, owner George Case was outside clearing snow and ice.

“Call me old school or whatever you want to call me, it’s our sidewalk. So, I mean sure if they want to salt it or do whatever they do, too, but I’m not going to wait or rely on anyone else. It’s my sidewalk, so I should shovel it,” Case said.

Some sidewalks run in front of empty buildings, or no buildings at all. So they won’t all be cleared until the weather improves. Chief Davis recommends walkers wearing reflective gear. Choose a well-lit street, even carry a flashlight.

“I woud also suggest that if you have to walk in the street to walk against traffic and always remain alert,” Davis said.

Anyone with information about the pedestrian hit last night, should call Youngstown Police or Crime Stoppers at 330-746-CLUE.