Voters and election workers come together to get ballots cast during power outage

Local News

Despite some precincts being left in the dark Tuesday night, Trumbull County elections officials say voting went pretty smoothly.

Stephanie Penrose, director of the Trumbull County Board of Elections, said even with the power outages voting never stopped. In fact, flashlights were used at the New Jerusalem Fellowship Church in Warren to help voters fill in their paper ballots.

The Lordstown Administration Center and other polling places used back backup generators to keep the power on.

Penrose said getting through the power outage was a group effort.

“The fire station ins Farmington ran cords, somebody’s husband offered up a generator, people were really rallying together to make sure this election was a success,” Penrose said.

Penrose says voter turnout was up 12 percent compared to the last mid-term election. This time, 52.8 percent of registered voters in Trumbull County cast ballots in the election. In the 2016 presidential election, 69.7 registered voters in Trumbull County cast a ballot.

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