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Volunteers raising funds for animal sanctuary in Rogers castle, discuss relocating

Alchemy Acres purchased the Whispering Pines Castle property

ROGERS, Ohio (WKBN) - The Whispering Pines Castle in Rogers has a very special opportunity for you to support a very special organization.

"Alchemy Acres is an animal sanctuary. We take in unwanted and abused animals and we get them healthy and we make them good pets so we can find them good homes," said Steve Sacco, of Alchemy Acres.

Last year, Alchemy Acres purchased the Whispering Pines Castle property with the hopes of helping even more animals.

So this weekend, the castle will be open for tours to show it off. If people like what they see, the castle can be rented for special parties, events and weddings.

"We are trying to purchase the land so we can move our animal sanctuary down here to Rogers. This castle sits on 187 acres, so we would like to get the rest of the land so we can get our buildings put up and have a really great home for the animals so they can find their forever home," Sacco said.

There's also shopping and all sorts of other ways you can support Alchemy Acres. For example, you can visit Santa's Workshop to buy handmade, donated crafts and decorations.

"This whole place is relaxing and when people come here and see how peaceful it is and quiet it is here, it's just an unbelievable property," Sacco said.

If you missed Saturday's event, there is another chance on Sunday and next weekend as well.

The founders hope to make this an annual tradition.

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