CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) — After five and a half long years, a shelter dog has found a new home that he goes to this week.

Doug Sears comes to walk shelter dogs five days a week at Animal Charity of Ohio and made it his mission to get Ceasar adopted.

“I work right across the street. Instead of going to lunch I come over here and take a dog and walk a dog for about an hour,” Sears said.

He’s been volunteering for five years and for three and a half, he’s been volunteering with Ceasar. This week, Ceasar is being adopted by Sears’s friend.

“Something about Ceasar stole my heart,” Sears said. “I was just afraid that Ceasar might live the rest of his life here and I thought if he is going to live the rest of his life here, he might as well enjoy the rest of his life.”

When Ceasar came to the shelter back in 2016 he was completely bald, covered in sores and heartworm positive.

“We have some really amazing dogs — like Ceasar — who have been here for years,” said Jane MacMurchy with Animal Charity of Ohio.

Dogs like Cami and Spike have both been at the shelter for over five years. Their adoption fees are free because they are covered by sponsors.

“Our average tenant here is for about two years,” MacMurchy said.

Some have special needs or diets and some of the dogs don’t do well with children, other dogs or cats.

“All of our dogs are adoptable. They can all find homes. It’s finding the right home that matches their needs,” MacMurchy said.

But for Ceasar at least — his story has a happy ending.

“It’s time he goes home and enjoys life on a couch with somebody who loves him,” Sears said. “I’m more than excited. I’m just glad I’m not crying. I’m really happy for him.”

For anyone thinking of adopting, Animal Charity of Ohio is running a special on adoptions for the holiday season. Pet adoptions are $100 and include micro-chipping and vaccines.