BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – A pickup truck that was stolen over a year ago from a home improvement store in Boardman showed up in Warren, and a vitamin water bottle could have been a key clue.

Officers were called to the Home Depot in Boardman in June 2021 after a man came out of the store and discovered that his extended cab pickup truck was stolen.

The victim said he left the truck unlocked and that the keys and his checkbook were in the center console.

Surveillance video from the store showed a man in a Nike shirt and sweatpants hiked up to his knees, with a sleeve of tattoos on both arms walk across the parking lot to the canopy where the truck was parked. The suspect goes inside the store but then comes back out and appears to make a cell phone call. He then gets in the truck and takes off.

On July 10, 2021, the truck was recovered by Warren police and towed. Two days later, Boardman officers searched the truck and dusted it for fingerprints but said they didn’t recover any that were usable. In a cup holder, they found a nearly empty vitamin water bottle in a cup holder that the owner said was not his. The bottle, which still had a little bit of liquid inside, was bagged as evidence.

Further investigation resulted in an arrest warrant being filed in September 2021 for 28-year-old Mykael Zolovick, of Kinsman. He was picked up Oct. 1, 2022, in Trumbull County on a shoplifting charge out of Warren and booked into the jail.

On Wednesday, Boardman officers went to the Trumbull County Jail and picked up Zolovick on a charge of felony theft. He is currently in the Mahoning County Jail awaiting arraignment, which is scheduled for Thursday afternoon.