Viral pandemic helps boost resurgence of trading cards and comics

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All American Cards & Comics had its best week of sales when the last stimulus check hit

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – Card collecting has become cool again. Some of the drive is coming from celebrities like Post Malone and Logan Paul posting online about their new purchases. Right now, card shops are a popular place to be.

There’s a card craze going on around the Mahoning and Shenango valleys. Sports cards, collectible card games and comic books are extremely popular.

“The last four months have been the best four gross sales months for my two stores since we’ve opened,” said Greg Bartholomew.

All American Cards & Comics has been in business for 28 years. The best week of sales was when the last stimulus check hit.

“It’s everybody, any age category. I’ve got early 20 year olds coming in every two to three days dropping $200-300 on Pokemon cards,” Bartholomew said.

Terry Marvin was buying on Friday. He has tens of thousands of Magic items, plus a couple hundred Dungeons & Dragons items. He’s just returning to the collectibles after being out for 10 to 15 years.

“Money is a big factor. With some of the stimulus coming up, helps you get back into old habits,” Marvin said.

Bartholomew is noticing anything that has a chance to be in a movie has value.

“I’ll ride the wave and if it dies, something else comes up,” Bartholomew said.

The Spiderman comic with the first appearance of Carnage was $500 at Christmas, now it’s a $2,000 item. The first appearance of Moon Knight has gone up to $6,000.

“In this business, it’s called easy money, and right now there’s a lot of people that are into this and it’s driving sales and driving prices up,” Bartholomew said.

Pokemon cards are one of the hottest items. One card box that came out in 2015 for $800 is now selling for $1,100.

Bartholomew has not been afraid of going heavy on an item, seeing what the customers want.

“In this business, you gotta know when to get out because if not, you get stuck with a backroom full of useless things, and then you’re waiting 20 years hoping it gets some type of resurgence. I don’t have the room, space or money for that,” Bartholomew said.

According to Bartholomew, if you have items before 1975, you have a chance of finding something valuable if the condition is good.

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