WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) — A Vietnam veteran returned from Washington DC and received a proper welcome.

The “welcome home” sign rested on a chair of Phil Floyd’s home in Warren. The 73-year-old returned six days ago from his trip to Washington to spend time at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Honor Flight, a national network, organized Floyd’s trip and gives veterans a day of honor at the war memorials.

“They had it well planned out. It was a trip of a lifetime,” Floyd said.

This was Floyd’s second visit to the memorial. His first was 30 years ago.

“First time I went there, I couldn’t get near it. There was too many people? Too emotional,” Floyd said.

He joined the army in 1969. He spent a year in Vietnam and saw combat. When he came home, he encountered less-than-welcoming people.

“When I returned from Vietnam, you were dirt. A lot of veterans will tell you that,” he said.

Phil Floyd said he has a lot of respect for anyone who serviced in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Floyd’s wife Kim — who is also a veteran — thought it was important that Phil go back to visit the wall before his health problems become too severe.

“I wanted to get him down there because he never thinks he’s a hero. And I thank God everyday that his name is not on that wall,” Kim Floyd said.

Bagpipes escorted the Honor Flight participants off the plane in Cleveland — where Phil Floyd was finally greeted with the welcome he deserved. As he and his wife walked through the airport, there was a standing ovation.

“They all lined up on the sides, and then you went by and they all cheered and clapped,” Phil Floyd said. “They said, ‘Great job,’ and all of this good stuff.”

“It’s something that he has waited 5+ years to get. It should not take that long for a Vietnam veteran to get that kind of a welcome home, because when they came home they were spit on. They were called names. It’s sad,” said Kim Floyd.

Phil Floyd said he’s glad to see that somewhere along the way, people who served in the military became heroes again.