VIENNA TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WKBN) – A tragic accident sent a woman to the hospital in Trumbull County.

A Vienna Township woman was severely burned in her house Thursday morning by hot cooking oil. It happened in the Avalon Creek Development.

Frying French toast had quickly turned into a frightening situation for a Vienna woman and her family Thursday morning.

“A pan of oil caught on fire and my mom tried to take it outside and it got on her she’s burned and we need some help,” said a 911 caller.

“She attempted to carry it outside to put it outside and while doing so the handle of the pan became too hot and it spilled on her and burned her hand her legs and her feet,” said Capt. Eric Ginn of the Vienna Fire Department.

It happened just before 9:30 at an apartment on Avalon Creek Boulevard.

Capt. Eric Ginn says she had burns on 20 to 25 percent of her body.

She was taken to St. Elizabeth Hospital, but Capt. Ginn says she’ll likely be transferred to a burn center.

Now he’s offering some advice, since cooking fires happen often.

“With a grease fire you don’t want to put water on it, that’s the biggest thing you’ll spread that fire so if you do have a pot lid or a pan lid handy you can put that over it what you want to do is cut off the oxygen to that fire, ” said Capt. Ginn.

If you have baking soda or salt handy, Ginn says pouring these items on top of the pan will help smother the fire too.

“Try to I understand the situation it’s very, very scary situation fire in any sort but yea you try and keep your wits about you try to remain calm and those few things will put the fire out,” said Ginn.

Firefighters also stress the importance of having working smoke detectors, a fire extinguisher nearby, and calling 911.