VIENNA, Ohio (WKBN) – A local shelter is asking for help after it was broken into Friday night even though nothing was taken.

“We have not found anything that they have taken, which, in a sense, makes it a little bit weirder for us,” said Lori Shandor, CEO of the Animal Welfare League (AWL) of Trumbull County in Vienna.

Early Saturday morning, surveillance cameras captured someone walking around the AWL.

The person appears to have something covering their face. They appear to check the door on the front end of the building before moving to the back where, at some point, they broke a window.

  • Animal Welfare League Break-In Damage, Trumbull County
  • Animal Welfare League Break-In Suspect, Trumbull County

“They were actually able to break the frame away from the window and not just break the glass, which allowed them to enter the building,” Shandor said.

Once inside, the suspect can be seen moving through the building. Footage shows the retail area inside but the suspect also made it to other parts of the building.

“Rifling through paperwork, messing with our cash registers, various things like that,” Shandor said.

None of the animals were harmed and all of the cash was locked up. Shandor says it appears nothing was taken.

“I’m not really sure but there were items around that the person could have taken easily that they chose not to. So, I’m not sure. I feel like they must’ve been looking for something specific,” Shandor said.

The AWL investigates animal abuse cases. Shandor says there’s a possibility the suspect could have been someone upset with them, either for taking a pet or even a profit.

“Some of the dog fighting cases that we’ve done, animal breeding cases, things like that. You’re removing a source of income for these individuals,” Shandor said.

Vienna police searched the building to make sure the suspect wasn’t hiding.

“It’s very violating to [have] entered our space, rifled through our things and all of that,” Shandor said.

Shandor says threats have been made to the building and staff in the past.

Footage doesn’t show how the window was broken. It is now boarded up with plywood. This is the second time the same window has been broken. Shandor says since the area is isolated, they won’t be putting a window back in.

“We’re going to either look at installing glass block or even just removing a window of any type from this area. Since it is a back part of the building, it makes sense to have this a little more secure,” Shandor said.

People are asked to call Vienna police if they have any information about the incident or recognize the suspect.

Noelle Haynes contributed to this report.