VIENNA, Ohio (WKBN) — It’s been parked by the shelter for more than a month because the tires weren’t safe, but now the Animal Welfare League’s chief humane officer says thanks to generous donations, the transport van will soon be able to be driven again.

Animal Welfare League’s transport van will soon be back on the road after it’s been out of service for about six weeks.

Chief humane officer Diane King says its tires were unsafe.

“[On] a couple of them, the treads are bad, and a couple of them are just very old and are just unsafe,” King said.

The van is typically used to bring donations to the shelter and during humane investigations to help with the removal of animals.

“So, without the capacity to carry and haul the animals, it’s really hindered us. We made do, but it takes a lot more staff time to get two or three vehicles to one location to remove animals,” King said.

The organization turned to social media for help. It got several donations online, but one anonymous person went above and beyond, covering the cost of the new tires and picking up some supplies.

“It was just so shocking to have somebody step up and get this vehicle back on the road for what we use it for, and for what we need it for,” King said. “We are so grateful to him.”

The new tires are set to be put on the van Monday.