VIENNA, Ohio (WKBN) – A Vienna man was seriously hurt in a tree cutting accident over the weekend. He is recovering from what’s described as a serious head injury.

Caller: “My husband was working with the chainsaw and with the tree and he’s bleeding pretty good. He hit himself.”

“The gentleman was cutting a branch that was under tension and the branch as it was cut through broke loose and struck the gentleman in the head. He fortunately was not struck by the chainsaw,” said Vienna Fire Capt. Eric Ginn.

It happened just after 12:30 p.m. Sunday at the man’s property on Smith-Stewart Road.

Paramedics rushed him to St. Elizabeth Youngstown Hospital. They said he had a deep cut on his head with arterial bleeding.

“Arteries are very serious. That’s what carries the blood to your body and you could bleed out very quickly depending on what artery you sever or cut,” Capt. Ginn said.

Capt. Ginn says that injuries caused by chainsaw usage actually happen more often than you would think.

He offers some tips on how to properly use that piece of equipment safely. Capt. Ginn recommends using safety equipment like chainsaw chaps and helmets with face shields.

“If you’re using a chainsaw, practice caution, maybe invest in that safety equipment. I know some people probably think it seems silly but they’re a lifesaver,” he said.