STRUTHERS, Ohio (WKBN) – Struthers police were pulled into a wild chase on Sunday.

It started in the early morning darkness when officers spotted a pickup jumping a curb at Creed Street and Youngstown-Poland Road. At one point, the driver pulled into the parking lot of Lavilla Sports Bar but quickly took off again, heading into a residential neighborhood.

“He found out it was at a dead end and turned around in the middle of a yard,” said Struthers Police Chief Tim Roddy.

The driver ended up hitting the front end of a cruiser and took off through yards. The chase continued onto South Avenue in Youngstown in front of Irish Bob’s Tavern where the driver almost hit another cruiser.

Moments later, the pickup and one of the cruisers sideswiped each other and the truck flipped over on Hilton Avenue.

As the suspect climbed out of the truck and ran, officers released their K-9 Recon to chase him. As Recon led his partner through the neighborhood, other officers stayed out of the dog’s way.

“One, we don’t want to screw up any scents that the dog is going to be chasing after and two, the dog just knows he’s going after somebody,” Roddy said.

In the end, however, the track ran cold. Police believe they know who the suspect is, having collected evidence at the scene of the crash. At this point, he hasn’t been arrested.

None of the officers were hurt.