LIBERTY, Ohio (WKBN) — The past two weekends have been filled with severe weather, power outages, and storm cleanup. For some, power is still out and cleanup efforts are just beginning.

A blocked road filled with wires and tree debris can be found at the intersection of Parkwood Avenue and East Montrose street in Liberty Township. The tree has been down since March 25.

Deb Evener, a neighbor on East Montrose, recalls when the tree came down during March 25’s severe storm.

“It made it a huge crackling sound — bad … I mean we all heard it, it was huge,” Evener said.

Evener and her neighbors lost power for a few days because of the down tree and wires. She says FirstEnergy has visited the intersection.

“That following Sunday night and just cut the wires and cut the trees away from the wires,” Evener said.

The fallen tree wasn’t the only damage. The most recent storm brought tore through the intersection again, ripping a fence apart by the strong wind and, across the street, two massive trees down on a neighbor’s lawn.

“When that wind started up again, I thought, ‘Oh, not again,'” Evener said.

Evener saw no damage to her property after both storms, unlike her neighbor.

“Maureen can’t even get into her driveway. At first, we didn’t know whether those wires were live or not,” Evener said.

Meanwhile, cars could be seen turning around as drivers were faced with a major mess.

“A lot of people use our road to go all the way back in through Laurel Stratton, Logan Way even. It goes all the way back through,” Evener said.

Liberty Township trustee Arnie Clebone says road closure signs will be placed in addition to the caution tape and cones to deter drivers from this busy intersection.

“It’s very frustrating,” Evener said. “I mean, we pay high taxes in Liberty and you would think that something would have happened by now.”

Evener said she did see tree crews out late Monday afternoon.