YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A day after opening, Mike Bloomberg’s presidential campaign office in Youngstown was covered with unwanted caution tape and spray-painted signs.

Signs propped up against the building, located at the 2DE Building, were spraypainted with sayings such as “Stop and Frisk,” and “Oligarchs.” There was also yellow tape around the front of the building.

Campaign workers say something similar happened to the Bloomberg office in Toledo this week.

Greg Fischer, Bloomberg’s co-campaign chairman, said the targeting may be a sign that other candidates are falling behind.

“The momentum that we have in this campaign is incredible. We are just in week 11 of the campaign. We are already in an undisputed third place, and we got in a rocket ship going up like this. So, people that have different points of view, which is natural in politics, are going to distract from the real issues,” Fischer said.

Fischer is the Mayor of Louisville, Kentucky. He says he’s known Mike Bloomberg since his days as Mayor of New York City. He adds that it is time to return to a more civilized tone in politics with less polarization.

The Bloomberg campaign office opened in Youngstown Thursday. It’s a regional headquarters handling five counties: Mahoning, Columbiana, Trumbull, Jefferson and Carroll counties. 

Signs were also left on Bloomberg’s office in Toledo.