YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — A charge of vandalism against a man accused of damaging a city police cruiser during a series of protests last May against police was dropped Friday in municipal court.

Instead Ronald Green, 25, of South Bruce Street, pleaded guilty before Visiting Judge David Fuhry to a second-degree misdemeanor charge of obstructing official business.

Green was sentenced to six months probation and must pay a $250 fine. The plea came as he was to have a preliminary hearing before Visiting Judge David Fuhry on the vandalism charge, which is a fifth-degree felony.

He was charged after someone broke the window of a police cruiser May 31, 2020, at Choffin Career Center, during the first of two protests downtown that day against police brutality.

Defense Attorney Brian Tareshawty said police were looking for a man who wore a red hooded sweatshirt who broke the window of the cruiser and were told by witnesses that Green was the person in the hoodie.

However, Tareshawty said his client was wearing a gray hoodie that day and that someone sent his client a video of the person smashing the window and not only was it not his client, but the person breaking the window was not wearing a red hoodie.

Further, a police sniper who was on the roof of the DoubleTree Hotel that day who was supposed to be a witness was not available to testify, Tareshawty said.

Green was guilty of obstructing official business because when police were looking for him at the scene, he ran away, Tareshawty said.

Green finished a 10-month federal prison sentence earlier this year for being a felon in possession of a firearm, which led to a delay in his case winding its way through municipal court.