Van catches fire, damaging outside of Warren Dental Group

Local News

Scary moments outside of a dental office in Warren on Wednesday afternoon when a van caught fire.

It happened behind the Warren Dental Group near the corner of North Park and Atlantic Street.

Firefighters said electrical issues sparked the fire, which also damaged the back of the building.

Employee Ashley Velez returned from lunch in the van about ten minutes before it caught fire.

“All I hear is, ‘Your friend’s car is on fire.’ I seen she ran out, the doctor ran out with a fire extinguisher and then next thing we know, we hear, ‘Clear the building,'” she said.

Those nearby reported hearing explosions. Those sounds were the van’s tires popping as they caught fire.

“The whole van was in flames,” Kimberly Barnett said. “I mean, it just looked like a big, huge ball of flame.”

The van was completely destroyed. Firefighters said only the outside of the building was damaged.

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