(WKBN) – For many, 2020 was going to be their year, but when the pandemic hit, sights were then set on 2021 to get back to normal. Now, we look 2022 right in the face. We wondered, what are people hopeful for this year? Are they still hopeful? We talked to your neighbors, your barber, your server on this last day of 2021 and found out how the people we see every day are reflecting on another year gone and what their hopes for the future are.

2021 was…

“It was challenging,” said Jerome Franklin.

“2021 was a learning experience,” said Mya Caggiano.

“2021, a lot of things were different. I mean, I stayed in more,” said Brenda Oree.

Everyone’s experience of 2021 was different.

“I got to be able to work for this whole pandemic, played a decent amount of golf,” said Seth Flower.

“I relaxed a lot, matter of fact, picked up a couple pounds, ate a little bit more… but I go out on my walks,” Oree said.

“I haven’t really had normal college yet without masks and you can’t see people or meet new people,” Caggiano said.

But with the difference and uncertainty came reflection on the good.

“Instead of being so crazy, running everywhere, I felt like that was a positive for us just to slow down, focus on each other,” said Jennifer Krets.

The people we talked with each had a different story and different struggles that came with 2021. It was interesting to hear that despite those differences, they all had just about the same feeling toward a new year: hope.

“I’m hopeful. I’m more hopeful than anxious. I’m hopeful that we get back to normal and that we can live the way we used to live, maybe with more gratitude for the things we have,” said Carrie Williams.

“Hopeful. I hope to pick up healthier habits in the new year,” Caggiano said.

Hopeful for togetherness, adventure and health.

“I think our goal, if the world allows us, to be a little more daring and adventurous,” Williams said.

“Stay healthy, stay positive, keep moving forward and keep growing,” said Sha’rai Code.

“Live life, because 2021 and 2020 showed us a lot of things that we don’t have time. Whatever you feel you need to do, whatever dreams you have, whatever things you wanna do in life, do it because life is not promised to you,” Franklin said.